Welcome to my personal projects page. This page contains a list of past and present digital projects I’m working on. These projects mostly revolve around my own personal needs on a day to day, working with my own file servers and systems. In general everything I publish is free for non-commercial use.

Software Projects


ZPcheck is a simple to use reporting tool for ZFS based file systems. it works
by monitoring the zpools and smartd logging for errors. When errors are
discovered it reports them via email. ZPcheck also sends periodic reports
on the overall state of the file system.



Snapshot is a simple bash script written to allow you to create rolling backups
using rsync. The way it works is by exploiting hardlinks, cp, and rsync. The
idea was first presented by Mike Rubel ( In general
you’re making an initial rsync archive snapshot containing all desired data.
After that, you’re copying this data, utilizing hardlinks to the original
initial snapshot. As you roll through your snapshots, each revision is
basically only going to store the non-matching data, however each revision will
for all intents appear as a full backup.



Perl library projects


Provide an easy to use, configuration file parser with advanced macro features.


Provide a virtual chroot environment. This module only simulates a chroot environment and only provides a advisory functions for your application. This module is NOT intended to provide application security!!!


Proc::Fork::Control is a simple to use library which functions much the same way as Proc::Fork. That said, Proc::Fork is not used, as fork() is accessed directly.

Proc::Fork::Control allows you to manage forks, control number of children allowed, monitor children, control blocking and nonblocking states, etc.


A simple interface to zfs and zpool commands for managing ZFS file systems


The File::Fingerprint::Huge library is designed to quickly finger print very large files which a very high probability of uniqueness. However absolute uniqueness cannot be guaranteed.


The Net::Whois::Proxy library is an easy to use recursive whois client library that does not do any additional parsing of the whois data. It’s goal is to quickly track down domain, ipv4, ipv6, and BGP Anonymous System numbers.



Net::IMAP::Simple – Perl extension for simple IMAP account handling.


File::Scan::ClamAV – Connect to a local Clam Anti-Virus clamd service and send commands



UUID – Perl extension for using UUID interfaces as defined in e2fsprogs.

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