Importing .sdtid files with stoken

So this morning I was kindly reminded again by my corporate IT overlords that my RSA soft token was going to be expiring in 9 days. Having had this token in place for a year now I had forgotten how to update it.

After a few minutes I recalled that the trick was as simple as

stoken import --file <my>.sdtid

Well that’s simple, except for the fact that in my case, this failed. After a quick bit of googling around I found that version 0.2 (which ships with my release of ubuntu) incorrectly identifies where the tokens are within the sdtid files resulting in an annoying error:

error: no valid token in file '<my>.sdtid': General failure

UGH! Well the solution is simple here. After a quick upgrade to 0.90 I’ve had no problems importing since.

2 thoughts on “Importing .sdtid files with stoken

  1. How did you get your stdid file? At my work, the soft token gets its information from a server and no stdid file is evident.

    • Hi Peter,

      In most cases your Org will provide you with a link to the file. Without this file it’s impossible to setup stoken to correctly produce a compatible token.