Simple script to alert you on ZFS pool problems

So after looking around this morning for a simple file system script to alert me when my ZFS pools have problems on my new file server I found a few, the problem was none worked correctly. Strangely these scripts were extremely simple so I was a bit surprised any hand problems. Because of this I took five minutes to knock together a portable perl script to email you in the event of problems:


our @users = qw(root);
our $zpool = "/sbin/zpool";
use strict;
use Sys::Hostname;
use IPC::Open3;

our $stat;
chomp($stat=`zpool status -x | head -1 | awk '{print \$4}'`);

if($stat ne 'healthy'){
 my $data = ("Date: " . scalar(localtime()) . "\n") .
 ("Hostname: " . hostname()) .
 "\n" .
 `$zpool status -x` .

 my $pid = open3(\*CHLDIN, \*CHLDOUT, \*CHLDERR,
 "mail", "-s", "ZFS Pool errors detected: " . hostname(), @users);

 print CHLDIN $data;

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