Fixing Sony soundbar wireless sub-woofer communication

I’ve noticed with my Sony soundbar, the sub-woofer will randomly fail to connect when I power it on. When this happens nothing can be done to get it linked up again except for a factory reset. The procedure below explains how to perform a factory reset:

Press the POWER button to turn the unit ON.

Press and hold the POWER button while pressing and holding the
INPUT SELECTOR and VOLUME – (down) button for at least 15 seconds.

Release the power button.

The message COLD RESET or RESET should appear on the display of 
your soundbar.

Once reset, be sure to turn off and then turn on again your sub-woofer with the power button, usually located on the rear of the unit, remember when powering on and off, the button must be held for a few seconds.

If your Sony doesn’t have this power button on the sub-woofer, you can always try and unplug / plug it in to power cycle it.

GoPro HERO3+ Wifi connection troubles with Cyanogenmod

Today I decided to pull out my old Hero3, after updating it to the latest firmware I was surprised to find that the GoPro app would not connect successfully. What I found was that for whatever reason, the DHCP request from my mobile device (OPO in my case) was not received and or accepted by the camera, and no IP address was found. After some probing around I discovered that these cameras default to the 10.5.5/24 network.

So the solution was simple, in my wireless settings for the AP on the mobile device I manually configured the IP address to live on the 10.5.5/24 network by assigning it the IP address The gateway and DNS are also assigned to however I don’t believe this makes any difference on these devices.



Well, another year of Super Computing conference has come and gone, some interesting stuff but mostly the same things over and over.

The company I work for just announced a new type of hard disk drive (10,000 RPM 3.5 full platter size). High capacity and lots of speed =).

I also some how managed to win a Seagate 7 drive. This is the 7mm thick portable. Before I turned it over to my wife I ran some quick benchmarks on it. given the drive size and capacity I was pretty pleased. well over 100MB/s read/write performance over USB3.

DVD ripping in Linux

So there are multiple methods to pull this off, however after doing it by hand, using DVD::rip, using Handbrake, etc. I finally settled on VLC. Yes, good old VLC has DVD ripping support. outlines how this is done, and from my recent tests, seems to work extremely well.

Another year, another LUG.

Well it’s been another year, and another Lustre User Group meeting. There were many interesting discussions which took place. Though in general I found the most useful session to be after the LUG was completed. The developer meeting, for me at least was an excellent use of my time.




Got to hang out with some colleagues and old friends20150414_214137


Quite a few `primary’ developers at the developer meeting.PANO_20150416_144330

Home depot and Lutron Maestro® dimmers….

So recently I decided to add one of these dimmers to my kitchen lighting, which is on a standard 3-way (double switch) circuit.  The folks at home depot, as well as all of the available documentation (including the box it comes in) suggests that 3-way operation works fine.

What they fail to mention is the 3 way only works correctly with the dimmer if you purchase the companion dimmer switch, which of course is not actually sold individually.