GoPro HERO3+ Wifi connection troubles with Cyanogenmod

Today I decided to pull out my old Hero3, after updating it to the latest firmware I was surprised to find that the GoPro app would not connect successfully. What I found was that for whatever reason, the DHCP request from my mobile device (OPO in my case) was not received and or accepted by the camera, and no IP address was found. After some probing around I discovered that these cameras default to the 10.5.5/24 network.

So the solution was simple, in my wireless settings for the AP on the mobile device I manually configured the IP address to live on the 10.5.5/24 network by assigning it the IP address The gateway and DNS are also assigned to however I don’t believe this makes any difference on these devices.


Firefox mobile search assistant

So annoyingly I learned tonight that Firefox Mobile’s, search assistant tool (long press on home) tends to default to the wrong search engine. To fix this, open up firefox mobile, go to Settings -> Customize -> Search, then select a search engine that is non-default, select a search engine that you wish to use. That should fix the Firefox Search using the other `default’.


Cyanogenmod CM11 (Kitkat) and USB Mass Storage mode

cyanogenmod logo

So after some messing around I discovered that with Cyanogenmod CM11 (KitKat) release that USB Mass Storage mode wasn’t working, so after some messing around here is what I’ve found.

If you’re like me, you enabled developer mode:

  1. Go to the settings menu, and scroll down to “About phone.” Tap it.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom again, where you see “Build number.” (Your build number may vary from ours here.)
  3. Tap it seven (7) times. After the third tap, you’ll see a playful dialog that says you’re four taps away from being a developer. Continue tapping 4 more times and developer mode will appear in your main settings menu.

And probably turned on Android debugging for other applications which might want it (Titanium backup in my case).

Even though the USB Mass Storage mode option is present in the USB connection type menu, when clicked nothing seems to happen.. So after some messing around I discovered that, apparently, UMS (USB Mass Storage mode) is only available to users who disable Android debugging (who knew?). This is a *new* feature apparently as I’ve never seen this problem in earlier Android releases.

After disabling Android debugging, the dialog menu popped right up asking me if I wanted to “Turn on USB Storage”. This worked great, allowed me access to my files and mount the SD cards directly….

That all said, as soon as I turned off USB Mass Storage mode my phone crashed and reset it self, so be careful 🙂