Fixing Sony soundbar wireless sub-woofer communication

I’ve noticed with my Sony soundbar, the sub-woofer will randomly fail to connect when I power it on. When this happens nothing can be done to get it linked up again except for a factory reset. The procedure below explains how to perform a factory reset:

Press the POWER button to turn the unit ON.

Press and hold the POWER button while pressing and holding the
INPUT SELECTOR and VOLUME – (down) button for at least 15 seconds.

Release the power button.

The message COLD RESET or RESET should appear on the display of 
your soundbar.

Once reset, be sure to turn off and then turn on again your sub-woofer with the power button, usually located on the rear of the unit, remember when powering on and off, the button must be held for a few seconds.

If your Sony doesn’t have this power button on the sub-woofer, you can always try and unplug / plug it in to power cycle it.

Enable external manifest control on Windows 10

To fix issues with Windows 10 ignoring external manifest files (which control .exe window sizing, etc) with regedit, verify that the




DWORD is set to true.


If these DWORD entries don’t exist, then create them and assign them a true value.

Once complete, restart windows.

Windows 10 host resolution (DNS) issues…

Windows 10 (at the time of this writing) apparently suffers from a host resolution bug inside of the “DNS Client” service.
The bug results in host resolution failure. (DNS lookup failures)
This can be addressed (sometimes) by flushing the DNS resolver cache with the CLI command:
ipconfig /flushdns
Or more permanently by stopping and disabling the “DNS Client” service.

GoPro HERO3+ Wifi connection troubles with Cyanogenmod

Today I decided to pull out my old Hero3, after updating it to the latest firmware I was surprised to find that the GoPro app would not connect successfully. What I found was that for whatever reason, the DHCP request from my mobile device (OPO in my case) was not received and or accepted by the camera, and no IP address was found. After some probing around I discovered that these cameras default to the 10.5.5/24 network.

So the solution was simple, in my wireless settings for the AP on the mobile device I manually configured the IP address to live on the 10.5.5/24 network by assigning it the IP address The gateway and DNS are also assigned to however I don’t believe this makes any difference on these devices.


Importing .sdtid files with stoken

So this morning I was kindly reminded again by my corporate IT overlords that my RSA soft token was going to be expiring in 9 days. Having had this token in place for a year now I had forgotten how to update it.

After a few minutes I recalled that the trick was as simple as

stoken import --file <my>.sdtid

Well that’s simple, except for the fact that in my case, this failed. After a quick bit of googling around I found that version 0.2 (which ships with my release of ubuntu) incorrectly identifies where the tokens are within the sdtid files resulting in an annoying error:

error: no valid token in file '<my>.sdtid': General failure

UGH! Well the solution is simple here. After a quick upgrade to 0.90 I’ve had no problems importing since.

Update: Kubuntu 15.10

Well after a few days of usage I found some major problems which prevented me from adopting Kubuntu 15.10 with the lovely Plasma 5 setup.

  1. Auto mount of NFS shares is broken again
  2. Desktop backgrounds are locked to a single background image
  3. Auto mount of random key encrypted swap is broken
  4. After a day or so of uptime, Plasma 5 starts to bog down
  5. A lot of the plasma widgets are a step backwards, they’re ugly, or poorly laid out vs the older Plasma 4 widgets

I’m hoping that these issues get resolved, as Plasma 5 and the new layouts and themes were a whole lot prettier than Plasma 4, however since I can’t use it everyday successfully and without aggravation I decided to restore my backup.

Infiniband Tips and Tricks

Below are some commands I’ve found useful when dealing with infiniband and related issues.

Determine port state on all ports available within the fabric

The command ibnetdiscover command will show you the state of each port in the the fabric. It’s a good idea when running this command (on any node) to redirect the output into a file (especially if you have a large number of ports)

Determine indivudual port information

The ibportstate command can provide additional port information once you have the LID (available from ibnetdiscover)


ibportstate -L <lid> query

Determine current node description

smpquery nodedesc 1

Enable / Disable a port

ibportstate -L <lid> -P <port> enable
ibportstate -L <lid> -P <port> disable

Firefox mobile search assistant

So annoyingly I learned tonight that Firefox Mobile’s, search assistant tool (long press on home) tends to default to the wrong search engine. To fix this, open up firefox mobile, go to Settings -> Customize -> Search, then select a search engine that is non-default, select a search engine that you wish to use. That should fix the Firefox Search using the other `default’.