mplayer and ubuntu 14.10.. Ugh

So after building the new HTPC and installing mplayer, I noticed Mplayer2 was installed, this lead to some problems, including horrible video pixelation. After digging around the forums I finally ran across a write up from Andrew Strong over at his site.

The write up is great, thanks Andrew!

Another year, another LUG.

Well it’s been another year, and another Lustre User Group meeting. There were many interesting discussions which took place. Though in general I found the most useful session to be after the LUG was completed. The developer meeting, for me at least was an excellent use of my time.




Got to hang out with some colleagues and old friends20150414_214137


Quite a few `primary’ developers at the developer meeting.PANO_20150416_144330

Windows 7 dropping connections to SMB services regularly

One thing that’s been constantly bugging me, as well as my wife is the fact that in general, Samba (SMB) connectivity from our Windows 7 machines is spotty at best. In general we can connect, and transfer data to and from our ZFS file server. However at seemingly random times the transfers fail, or the shares become unavailable. This is extremely frustrating especially when doing something like streaming music.

After some digging around I found the SessTimeout variable which is described as:

Determines the duration of the secondary delay used in calculating a time-out value for outstanding operations. If the redirector does not receive a response to an outstanding operation before the resulting time-out expires, it considers the operation to have failed. The value of the SessTimeout entry can be thought of as a margin for error. If there is an unexpected delay, the redirector permits the operation this extra time to complete.

Sounds promising…. So I popped up regedit on the windows workstations and added the DWORD entry SessTimeout in:


To a value of 300. After that no more timeout issues! Whoohoo! Finally!

Home depot and Lutron Maestro® dimmers….

So recently I decided to add one of these dimmers to my kitchen lighting, which is on a standard 3-way (double switch) circuit.  The folks at home depot, as well as all of the available documentation (including the box it comes in) suggests that 3-way operation works fine.

What they fail to mention is the 3 way only works correctly with the dimmer if you purchase the companion dimmer switch, which of course is not actually sold individually.