Juniper NCSVC and Linux 3.19

So interestingly I noticed that as soon as I upgraded to the 3.19 kernel (RC5 in my case) I was no longer able to connect to any internal machines on my corporate VPN.

Interestingly my private OpenVPN services still all functioned correctly.

In the 3.19 kernel there have been many changes to the network infrastructure so likely something there broke my VPN. It could also be a problem with the way exported routes from my corporate VPN. I’m not sure but I do know it doesn’t work right.


Well it’s been a busy few weeks. I still haven’t run down which commit broke this, however given the amount of comments from all of you, it seems to be a problem for many more people than myself.

One thing I did suspect was a possible mishandling of certain packets generated by vpnc as multi-cast, unfortunately this didn’t pan out, so further investigation is still required.


It seems from 4.5 forward (including 4.6 which I’m running now) This is broken yet again.