Busy few weeks… New keyboards again!

Well, after a very busy few weeks I’ve finally had some time to my self to get somethings done. One of those things was to replace my favorite all time wireless keyboard / mouse (The Monual MK700)


with something new for the wife’s HTPC. I ended up settling on the Logitech K400



Though the range is great, the keyboard it self is cheaply made, the pointer works alright, however the keyboard layout is something to be desired.

Unlike the excellent key action and feel of the K800 this thing is just cheap. The feel is horrible, and having the right shift key the size of a normal key really throws you off while typing.

Now I know, some of you might say, well you just have to get use to it, I’d point out that I’m typing this post up on my 1005PE Eee PC, which also has a ‘tiny’ keyboard, but at least in this case the keyboard is reasonably good for what you get.